Sometimes it really does have to be all about you.

Create a Vision Board!

Are you running so hard you have no time for yourself?

If you’re like most women, you make time to take care of almost everyone but yourself. Without taking care of your own needs, you could be gasping for some fresh air.

Here are three ideas can help.

1) Create a Vision Board – a design for living the rest of your life. Write down your vision of your Before, Now and Future.

Small section: what you dreamed and excelled at between ages 10-18;
Small section: what you dreamed and achieved between 18 and now;
As much space as you want:
Think about your vision of the “perfect life,” as if you are looking back in your old age. Then decide what you are dealing with that’s keeping you from that vision, and what you need to do now to reach that vision.

Be sure to revisit and revise these last three as your priorities change.

2) Always in a Race? Protect your Space! “No” time to exercise? Need to better manage your finances? Longing to finish a personal project that’s lurking? Set a deadline, schedule time every day or every week to work on it, when you know you’ll actually do it. Otherwise, it won’t happen.

3)  Read it and reap. Start a daily journal, password it. Write what’s making you happy, driving you crazy, or whatever else is on your mind. Generate ideas for what you really want and need to accomplish for yourself – that day, the next day and so forth.

Embrace your space! Sometimes it really does have to be all about you.