By Liz DiMarco Weinmann

Seeds of Doubt Lead to Seeds of Promise: How Stress Leads to Success

If you happen to be job-hunting over the age of 40, after many years of being firmly entrenched in the same company, industry or location, you’re probably feeling that is a daring project in and of itself – which it is.  In that case, plant something new that takes care of your innermost self and boosts your confidence and sense of control while you’re grappling with change. Plant something that improves your physical health, ramps up your intellectual power and unleashes beneficial brain chemicals that contribute to your well-being. Here are just a few of the reasons experts advise you should plant new seeds now, especially if you’re dealing with added stress.  READ MORE

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For Your Own Good, Give Yourself An Embrace – of Personal Space!

There’s no better time than a new year to establish new habits for your own well-being.   If you’re like most women, you make time to take care of almost everyone but yourself. If you’re neglecting your physical, emotional, and intellectual health, you need to embrace some space – for yourself!  Without taking care of your own needs, you could be gasping for some fresh air.

Think “there are only seven days in a week!” These seven ideas can help. READ MORE

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Necessity may be the mother of invention, But DARING are the mothers of reinvention over 40.

Twenty years into my career as a marketing executive, I decided I’d had enough of the world that shows like “Mad Men” glorify, as fun as all of that was. The events of 9/11 so catalyzed me that, with my 50th birthday approaching, I felt my “miles to go before I sleep” were fewer and fewer, despite Robert Frost’s cheery anthem.  I worried I would die without ever having done anything but “marketed soap and cereal.” I wanted to do work to “save the world.” Mostly, I wanted to save myself from an obituary that – whenever it materialized – could, well, mortify me. READ MORE

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How Do Women-Owned Businesses Differ From Companies Owned by Men?

Just read a terrific article from, discussing women-owned businesses, and how they differ from those owned by men. IT is full of excellent advice about the power of other people to provide support, advice, information and introductions!

Research in entrepreneurial finance proves out that regardless of your business model, it’s key that you cultivate early on those influential and powerful people who can champion you – not just assist, mentor or advise you.  The traditional corporate world calls such individuals “sponsors.” In fact, research by the women’s leadership nonprofit organization, Catalyst, indicates that one of the key differences between how men and women advance is that men tend to seek out, cultivate and benefit from sponsors.  READ MORE

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Tips for Over-50 Career Switchers

Our media cauldron is still spitting out assertions that baby boomers are retiring in record numbers, and continue to moan that there are simply not enough 30-somethings to fill this void. In fact, recent reports indicate there are more unemployed over-50 than at any time in history.[1]

Let me set the record straight, and at the same time offer up some tips for over-50s now contemplating switching careers: READ MORE

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Disconnect to Connect!

So, my over-40 women friends, what is underneath the new myriad ways to connect: cell phones, text messages, Facebook updates and Twitter tweets? We humans have a need, a yearning for connection, which is surely the underlying attraction going on here. And it does serve our purpose in the business world – never have we been so able to conduct business everywhere, anywhere, at any time.

But what about our personal time? Has it infringed on our personal intimacy and connection time with real people? Is it sometimes true that virtual social networking keeps us apart from other people? Is there an illusion going on, of intimacy, because of all these light connections? Does this illusion actually blind us to the need for real connectedness – real intimacy?   READ MORE

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 DARE Gather and Regroup this October

The remnants of my girlfriend’s vegetable garden are in their final days of creative energy: the zucchinis are hanging in, the potatoes are fully ripened (if you can use that term with a potato!) and the rest – the tomatoes, basil, beans, etc, are done. Where they grew so bountifully a few short weeks ago, they are now covered over with fresh compost.
October is such a powerful time.

It is October, time of gathering, collecting, digging deep, and regrouping for the cold ahead. Slowing down a little for the winter. You gather what you planted in the spring, and reflect on what didn’t happen quite as you hoped or planned. So, it is a time of completion, but it is also a time that a seed of a vision may be coming clearer in your mind. It may be a time when you reflect anew on a fresh phase you are considering in your life. It is a time to DARE GATHER and REGROUP.  READ MORE

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What’s the Big Deal? Dare to answer that question for yourself.

We’re daring you to turn your attention to tackling whatever it is you have to deal with so you accelerate your dreams & desires. If you want to drive your own strategy forward, you need to know how to deal constructively and productively. You need to understand and cultivate respect, appreciation, admiration and, yes, nurturing, for your strengths and for cultivating the right opportunities. This means you also need to assess your current deal, and confirm that your strengths are helping you drive your life forward.  READ MORE

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Women of All Ages, Lead with Daring!

 Why is it so important for women of all ages to be daring/fearless at work?

First, let’s define what “daring” and “fearless” mean when we’re talking about work.  In today’s economy, being daring and fearless at work means knowing what your deal is, and how to deal.  In my book and in my work, the word “Deal” refers to your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – in fact, chapter 2 of the book is actually titled, “Deal.” Being daring and fearless means you lead with your strengths and opportunities, while keeping your weaknesses and threats in check as much as possible. If you’ve built your life (and/or career) around a certain routine or skill set, and you’ve been successful at it, it’s easy to see why you might want to stay in your current parking spot rather than deal with change, or seek out and negotiate a new deal.  Being daring and fearless means you resist that inertia, because what you don’t do to bring about positive change in your deal, actually can hurt you.  At some point, we all need to dare re-vamp our deal.  READ MORE

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 DARE to Go After Your Dreams and Desires!

Do you dream of losing weight to get healthy? Desire to move to a different city? Dream of starting a new career or starting a company0? Desire to master the guitar. Whatever your own dreams & desires, they’re well within the realm of possibilities for those of us wishing to pursue daring endeavors.

There are millions who feel the same way. It’s all part of our innate desire for individuation, to look that identity crisis right in the eye, and to get out dare to discover. So, assert the right to your own reinvention, and if anyone challenges that right, be prepared to retort “How dare you suggest I’m too old to dream & desire!?!

To get in touch with your grown-up dreams & desires, you need to put your “inner editor” on hold, and indulge your “free-association” muscles. First, you need to capture them for future reference. Just let your mind wander, take notes, or clip, click, draw, paint, paste or doodle them – whatever works for you. Don’t worry that they may seem unedited, disorganized, or grandiose. Don’t dwell on how you’ll make them happen. Here are just a few ideas:.. READ MORE

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Liz DiMarco Weinmann is founder and CEO of the DARE-Force Corp. (, an educational resources company whose mission is to inspire all women who want to pursue, develop and lead new and fulfilling ventures. She also runs Weinmann & Associates, a strategic consulting firm serving small businesses and nonprofits. Weinmann earned her MBA in finance and leadership from New York University. She is the author of the new book, “Get DARE From Here! – 12 Principles and Practices For Women Over 40 To Take Stock, Take Action and Take Charge of the Rest Of Their Lives.”