Experience & Expertise

Following is a partial list of representative work of the firm’s principals: 

  1. For small- to mid-size nonprofits:  leading the development and implementation of strategic plans and programs to improve outcomes, impact and financial solvency; identifying, cultivating, training and mobilizing nonprofit board members to take pride in their responsibilities as advocates and ambassadors for their organizations; and facilitating a culture of philanthropy throughout diverse teams.
  2. For major trade association: Created multi-faceted, multi-audience campaign that increased recognition and positive attitudes among health professionals, educators and legislators of the industry’s efforts to market responsibly, especially regarding at-risk populations.   Also served as strategist in review, analysis, and response activities re: health policy organizations, dietary guidelines, and value-chain regulations.
  3. For privately held HBA manufacturer: Conducted EGCG research and strategic plan supporting the commercialization potential of green tea compound extracts and their efficacy as OTC diet/weight loss products.
  4. For USDA funded commodity association: Drove issues analysis and crisis management initiatives to promote/defend industry against marketplace threats.
  5. For leading CPG brand: Created and led multi-media, multi-influencer cause-marketing and issues management campaign, to engage mothers to prefer and choose the brand as a health conduit and enhancement.  Created and led strategic alliances with respected health organizations that defended the brand against competitive attacks.  Served as key strategist and liaison with regulatory organizations and the media in connection with recalls, tampering, ingestion injuries, and environmental activism, helping to conserve brand equity and reduce negative impacts.
  6. For national trade association representing leading food category:  Led science-driven, multi-pronged campaign to increase awareness and preference for the benefits of point-of-differentiation ingredient vs. products that excluded said ingredient.   Optimized promotion efforts by packaging important research and training health professionals to serve as ambassadors at crucial medical and dietary conferences.  Facilitated the design and production of new logo, white papers, consumer collateral, and website.
  7.  For leading beverage brand: Created and directed a nutrition, fitness and issues management platform to increase awareness, favorable perceptions and positive attitudes and offset looming marketplace threats. Generated considerable positive A&U toward the brand among key target audiences of mothers and young women ages 15-34.
  8. For national frozen food organizations: Created and led campaign that persuaded mothers that frozen foods are healthful as well as convenient.
  9. For university food policy institute:  Developed strategic plan to increase funding for research and marketplace insights re: nutrition, wellness and food safety issues.
  10. For university health system: Led strategy for campaign that increased recognition for clinical and academic excellence.
  11. For major consumer services firm: Conducted independent analysis of key strategic and financial levers vs. competition.
  12. For VC-funded coaching firm:  Restructured service offering, boosted revenue, and participated in coaching engagements for Fortune 500 firms.