Liz DiMarco Weinmann, MBA

Founder | Creator | Owner

B.E.A.M.-Impact Generator©


Guiding visionary, mission-driven leaders of nonprofits, colleges, universities, and foundations to Build Engagement, Excellence, and Advocates that Achieve Maximum Impact

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B.E.A.M.-Impact Generator© is an independent management consulting firm specializing in Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Marketing, and Fundraising for nonprofits: colleges, universities, foundations, and other philanthropies. B.E.A.M.-Impact Generator’s purpose is to guide visionary, mission-driven nonprofit leaders to Build Engagement, Excellence, and Advocates that Achieve Maximum Impact.

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Vision and Business Approach

B.E.A.M.-Impact Generator© focuses an organization on building a strong and solid strategic foundation, reinforced through a sound infrastructure; an aligned and engaged staff; and efficient operating systems. We believe there is maximum benefit in empowering and emphasizing that everyone – from board members to staff and volunteers – should embrace their responsibility to advance and defend a nonprofit’s vision, mission, and values for achieving maximum impact.


B.E.A.M.-Impact Generator© helps boards, executive directors, and leadership teams focus on the strategic and financial drivers, critical success factors, and key internal performance indicators that maximize organizational effectiveness, value creation, and relationships with diverse stakeholders through a variety of tools, tactics, and media. Our work helps nonprofits cultivate, secure, and retain individual and major donors, as well as attracting government funding and building strong corporate fundraising programs.