Creating Impact

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B.E.A.M.-Impact Generator© works with a network of senior counselors, experts, and specialists with proven experience and expertise in strategic planning, board development, organizational capacity, finance, fundraising, marketing, and communications for nonprofits. We consider it a privilege to work with progressive nonprofits that are committed to fostering a fully engaged culture, efficient operating practices, sound fiscal stewardship, and accountability – whether to individual donors, major donors, corporate sponsors, foundation grantors, or government agencies.

The Beneficial Outcomes & Impacts for Nonprofits

The following are beneficial outcomes and impacts B.E.A.M.-Impact Generator© creates for nonprofits. We help executive directors and board members:

  • 1 Think, plan, and operate as a thriving enterprise with an explicit mission, vision, and values for fulfilling a theory of change while adhering to systems for fiscal responsibility and accountability.
  • 2 Construct and operationalize long- and short-term adaptive strategic plans that maximize organizational strengths and leverage resources focused on success in an ever-changing world arena.
  • 3 Develop, and operate within, the most effective revenue model and fundraising plan for cultivating individual donors, major donors, corporations, and foundations according to mission, vision, and values that resonate with such funders.
  • 4 Prioritize and manage for SMART goals - tracking, assessing, and reporting progress – together with staff, board, and volunteers, as well as with and for donors.
  • 5 Attract, hire, mentor, develop, and retain dedicated, ethical, and engaged staff committed to the mission and vision and to fostering a positive image for the organization to all stakeholders.
  • 6 Understand thoroughly – and communicate throughout the organization - the needs, expectations, processes, stewardship, and accountability the funding world demands, especially in challenging times.
  • 7 Develop multi-channel marketing and media relations campaigns that promote positive awareness and other recognition and support for the organization’s mission, vision, and values.
  • 8 Attract high-quality volunteers to control costs and help staff at times of high volume or reduced funding.