Over the past decade, donors and grant-makers at every level have become more focused on the evaluation of measurable outcomes and maximum impact for their investments. The business strategies, skills, and systems that are essential to the corporate world are more crucial than ever to the efficiency and effectiveness of accredited colleges and universities, contemporary nonprofits, and foundations – whether private or corporate.

Consequently, presidents of colleges and universities, nonprofit organization leaders, and foundation directors are being held to the same or even more rigorous standards of accountability, transparency, and organizational effectiveness as CEOs in the private and public sectors. Following is an overview of our services for colleges and universities, nonprofits, and foundations:

Utilize Our Experience & Expertise

Governance and Administration

  • Board Design, Development and Mobilization

  • Strategic Planning

  • Executive Leadership Training

  • Leadership Transition – from Onboarding to Exit

  • Program Administration and Evaluation

  • Developing Revenue Models and Ancillary Programs

  • Advising on Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Crisis Management

  • Divestiture of Programs and Services

Organizational Development

  • Staff Engagement, Training and Empowerment

  • Mobilizing the Strategic Plan

  • Facilitating Adoption of DEIA Initiatives

  • Change Management

  • Cultivating and Managing Volunteers

Marketing and Fundraising

  • Developing and Directing a Strategic Development Program

  • Developing Individual and Major Donor Campaigns

  • Building Corporate Fundraising Campaigns

  • Facilitating and Securing Government Contracts

  • Creating Business Plans for Mission-Related Revenue Streams

  • Designing Integrated Marketing and Media Relations Campaigns

  • Consulting on Advocacy and Public Affairs Initiatives


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