Three people are hugging each other in a line.

Food, shelter, safety: For Vermonters and our visitors

About a year ago, Polly Mikula, editor and publisher of Mountain Times, graciously agreed to meet with me about work ...
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A woman holding hands with an older man.

Aim to age gracefully

My recent Mountain Times feature, “For Your Own Good, Have a Plan,†prompted a bemused request from friends over 70 ...
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A woman sitting at the table with a man.

For your own good, have a plan!

At this time of year, many people are heading to lakes, ponds, beaches, and pools, perhaps toting their mobile devices, ...
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Two men are standing on a roof of a house.

For the Greater Good: Habitat for Humanity

When Hurricane Irene ravaged large swaths of our region more than 10 years ago, national and local media alike praised ...
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